September 13

Why Trying To Sell The Right Way Is Costing You Thousands

I work with thousands of business owners and salespeople each year, helping them earn more money while freeing up their time to enjoy life.

After more than 15 years of this work, I sometimes think I have seen it all.

But what strikes me more than the occasional oddballs (like the guy who freaked out and screwed up every time his income got near $100k) is the number of people who have the exact same problem on the path to true success.

The ones who really mess up are the ones who are trying to sell the “right” way.

These intrepid souls are always fussing with their sales process and scripts and body language trying to mimic something they have read in a book or seen on a video.

They are focusing all their energy on not doing something wrong.

Instead, of obsessing about the “right” way to sell, they should be simply working on getting “better” at selling.

You see, there is a huge difference between working towards doing things the right way and working towards getting better.

Right is a part of a dichotomy – there are only two options – right or wrong. That means if you aren’t doing it “right” you must be doing it “wrong”.

That thought of being wrong all the time destroys your self-esteem and crushes your spirit subconsciously.

Imagine a child who never gets it “right” when learning to throw a football. How long do you think that child will keep practicing and wanting to improve? Not long. He will simply quit and move on to something else.

It’s the same with sales skills. When you are focused on selling the “right” way, you don’t give yourself room to fail, learn and grow. You just get worn down with the wrongness and end up quitting.

That is why so many owners and salespeople stop investing in new skills. They are tired of training programs telling them how wrong they are.

If you want to learn to sell better, earn more money, increase your profits, land bigger clients or anything else in business focus on simply doing a part of the process better.

Doing something better is part of a spectrum. It is directional. It has movement. You are either moving towards the better part of the spectrum or the worse part.  And even “worse” isn’t wrong.

“Better” allows you to test, to try, to learn and to develop. With “better” you can’t mess up. Even if what you attempt fails, you will have learned what doesn’t work. And that makes you better. “Worse” is still a win.

If you plan on using part of the summertime to sharpen your sales skills and earn more money, make sure you are focusing on each step of “better”.

Because the cold hard truth is – there is no such thing as the “right” way to do anything in the world of sales and business. 

And anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

If you want help getting started on your own path to “better” check out The Simple Strategic Plan. It will show you how to create your own blueprint for a better business in under an hour.


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  1. Have you ever considered a webinar or course on how to get in front of decision makers
    Small busubess owners who are never on site or
    Have layers of worker bees who take info
    “Marketing directors ” who are nothing more than
    Information takers and have zero to do with decisions

    Today’s world is screen the salesperson
    Don’t let em get to me
    Cold calling is futile
    It’s an interruption that is greeted with disdain
    And a lack of respect …
    The real skill in today’s sales is not the presentation .. It’s getting in front of the decision maker who can write a check
    Any courses or feedback on this subject
    How to get to the decision maker

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