June 1

Why Superman Never Swims

Have you noticed that you never see Superman fighting crime in the water?

Okay, there isn’t as much crime in the ocean as in Metropolis, but even when there are villains lurking in the seas, Superman doesn’t battle them.

Instead, he calls Aquaman.

That’s because Superman’s greatest power, his ability to fly, is useless underwater. Sure, he could swim and likely quickly but that isn’t enough.

So, he calls on Aquaman, whose greatest power, his ability to communicate with sea creatures and enlist them to help, is invaluable for underwater crime fighting.

When other skills are necessary, Superman calls on his other friends in the Justice League to help him accomplish his mission of ridding the world of crime.

This Justice League approach to saving the world can and should be used in your business as well.

When you define your superpower and focus solely on using it everyday, you become better and better at it. Your work becomes more fun and your days are filled with successful outcomes.

Of course, you need a team of people with their own superpowers. Letting them work on things they are great at gives them the same feeling of excitement and accomplishment at work.

In our business, my superpowers are strategy and copywriting. My team knows not to let me touch other parts of the business.

Can I do other things? Sure, but I’m not great at them and they take me twice as long as they would take another team member. Just ask Kim about that when I start messing around with things better left to her.

Once you identify your superpower, resist the urge to dabble in other things. Practice your superpower, learn more about it, become the true Superman of your strength.

When you apply the Justice League approach to business, you will find yourself tapping into the power of true expertise and your profits and enjoyment will both rise quickly.

When you figure out your superpower, I’d love to know it. I’m always looking to refer business to companies who use the Justice League model in their work.


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