September 25

Three Bridges To Greater Success

It’s no secret that some people achieve greater success than others.

And thousands of articles have been written on what makes these people hit their goals consistently while so many others languish in mediocrity.

Every day it seems someone is coming up with a “new” way to teach people to be successful.

Here’s the truth – the thing that makes some people produce amazing results is simple. It comes down to crossing three bridges to greater success.

Those three bridges to greater success can be crossed by anyone, anywhere, any time.

Here’s how you do it…

Prior to reading this blog post, you were in a state called “unconscious incompetence.”

I’m not trying to insult you.

What I’m saying was that you were in a state where you didn’t know that there were bridges to success. You didn’t know what you didn’t know. You were not aware that you didn’t know something.

By reading this post, you are crossing…

The Bridge Of Awareness

When you come across a new idea or learn that there is a better way to do something (by reading, watching someone else perform, etc.) you are now in a new state of awareness. In this stage, called the “conscious incompetent,” you know there is something to change but you haven’t yet started doing anything about it.

This is where lots of folks stop. They come across a great new idea (like from an article!) but they don’t ever get around to crossing …

The Bridge Of Learning

On the other side of this bridge is a state called “conscious incompetence.” This is where you have taken time to really learn how to do something new and better but you aren’t yet skilled at it. You know what to do and you can do it but it is still a bit tricky for you.

If you take the time to cross the next bridge, life gets really good, really fast. The next bridge is called…

The Bridge Of Repetition

Okay, stop moaning. I know repetition isn’t sexy. But it is the key to getting into a state of “unconscious competence.” It’s the place where great habits are formed and you can effortlessly and perfectly perform even complex tasks with ease.

Remember when you learned to drive a car? You started as a small child, sitting behind the wheel in the driveway, making vroom, vroom sounds. Then you turned 16 and sat behind the wheel of a running car.

Boom! You were a conscious incompetent at the moment, right? You were suddenly very, very aware that you had no idea how to drive this machine.

But, with a patient teacher and a few stops and starts in an empty parking lot, you crossed the bridge of learning and figured out how to somewhat safely get from the house to school and back. It was a lot of mental strain, though, remember?

Luckily, you practiced and now I’ll bet you can easily drive halfway across the county, navigating construction and traffic while singing along with the radio and eating a fast-food burger.

That’s the power of repetition. That practice allowed you to be able to manage an incredibly complex task (driving) without using any of your conscious brain.

Imagine what happens when you apply that power to your work and your life.

Imagine your improved results when you develop some of these habits:

  • Asking the exact right questions of each new prospect so you guide them to the right buying decision
  • Planning your day and your year so you are always in control of your results
  • Contacting five new prospects daily so you always have a full pipeline
  • Visualizing your ultimate vision so you program your subconscious to the work for you
  • Using a perfect presentation template for each sales opportunity so you know you’ll never miss an important detail
  • Mentally reframing the word “failure” or “failed” into “learning” or “learned” so you feel energized instead of defeated when you don’t make a sale
  • Starting each day with a healthy routine so you have the energy to be productive
  • Getting enough sleep so you are at your best every day
  • Saving at least 10% of your income so you never have to worry about money

Successful people have learned to build good habits, stacking them on top of each other until they have a foundation of thoughts and actions that make them unstoppable.

Isn’t it time you got started with a little bridge walking?

If you’d like more help building habits, download your free Daily Success Checklist Kit


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  1. Thank you for your introductory article. I alway enjoyed reading your write up. I would have really love to get some of your works such as the one page planning tool or so and pay later if that is possible. I run a small business and trying set up a stable and productive structure. Would appreciate to hear your thots on this. Thank you. Peter

  2. Hi Laura.
    This resonated w me – thank you.
    I’ve been unable to sleep well and consistently for many, many months due to a physical condition.
    It leaves me wobbly (loss of balance) and exhausted at times, requring 3 to 4 naps a day.
    This makes it almost impossible to plan for anything. Sorry to complain & moan to you, but during the day I might get 3 to 4 good hours.
    I’m wondering if you have any ideas, other than the obvious of treating my condition. (Been trying & trying) on how to be more productive. As you can imagine, it’s tough to plan.

    P.S. Do you know of anyone who is good at identifying and bringing a niche segment to attend a webinar or seminar? The target prospects are parents of College bound students who have at least $125,000 of income and $300,000 of assets. We help late stage planning families save ON THE cost of college by helping find the schools that will give large amounts of free aid.

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