September 5

The One-Question Motivation Maximizer

Here we are, it’s a holiday weekend. It’s a short week for many of us (in the US, at least).

And you know what that means – the short week slump.

Because Tuesday is really Monday and that’s the day you get ramped up for the week.

And Friday, well, that’s the day you wind up everything and put it to bed for the weekend, right?

So that only leaves Wednesday and Thursday to get anything done.

As you can imagine, that kind of thinking will kill any hope of having a highly profitable week.

So how do you combat it in yourself and in your team? How do you keep everyone motivated every single day?

It’s as simple as asking one question…

“What are you working for today?”

Seriously, what specifically is today’s work dedicated to?

Are you committed to earning $1000 so you can put it in your child’s education fund?

Are you here to earn $500 so you can pay off that last credit card?

Did you come to work to earn $600 for your mortgage?

Your “work” changes when you assign a very specific outcome to its accomplishment.

Instead of the same-old, same-old feeling of drudgery at tackling a list of boring tasks, you can tap into a deep sense of purpose and motivation when you get specific about your reason for working today.

Ask someone sitting next to you, “What you working for today?” and keep drilling down until they give you a specific goal.

Then share with them what you are working for today.

Here’s mine:

Today I came to work to drive $200,000 in sales for one of my clients.

I have a program that will completely change her life when she implements it.

And I am 100% committed to helping her understand and act on that.

That’s the reason I got out of bed early, got dressed and prepared for a phone call this morning.

I’m going to change someone’s future today.

Am I excited about that?

You betcha!

So, what is your specific reason for working today? Share it below so we can see all the cool things you’re doing!


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