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Recommended Books
Profit First
Take the mystery and drudgery out of your business finances.

Using Mike's easy-to-implement "envelope" system, you will find managing your money can actually be enjoyable!

I recommend this simple system to all of my clients.
The ONE Thing
This easy little read is powerful in its simplicity.

If you have trouble focusing, this book can help you find the one thing to focus on, relieving you of being pulled in a million directions.

Daring Greatly
If I could point to one thing that has truly enhanced my success, it is learning to be vulnerable.

This book shows you how to let the real you shine through without fear or judgement. 

The Automatic Customer
One of the most powerful pricing models you can adopt is a subscription.

John breaks down exactly how to predict your revenue as well as all the details about running a subscription business. Brilliant.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life
Unleash the potent force of kaizen, the Japanese technique of achieving great and lasting success through small, steady steps.

Whether the goal is as specific as getting more sleep or as broad as meeting the love of your life, kaizen works because it melts away resistance in particular, the "fight-or-flight" brain chemistry behind peoples underlying fear of change.

This is such a simple concept - ask your potential customers what they want before you build it.

But so few entrepreneurs do it.

Ryan breaks the process into easy-to-execute steps so you come out of the gate with a base of raving fans wanting to purchase your products and services.

Atomic Habits
It's no secret that great habits are built not born.

James shows you how to build powerful habits into your every day life without struggle and relying on willpower alone.

There are so many game-changing ideas in this little book!

This is the classic, must-read for anyone who needs to sell or market a product or service.

When you understand and master these seven fundamental levers of influence, you will see your income soar.

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