November 8

Win The Day, Win Your Life


At Simple Success Plans we have a mantra… Win The Day.

When you win the days, you win the weeks.

When you win the weeks, you win the months.

When you win the months, you win the quarters.

When you win the quarters, you win the years.

When you win the years, you win your life.

Win the day simply means getting the most important things done today. Just today.

Important means things that are moving you towards your highest vision for your business and life.

Winning could be:

  • Writing a chapter for your book
  • Building a new sales page for your website
  • Creating a free download to attract leads
  • Setting up a Facebook ad
  • Calling a past client to rebuild a relationship
  • Setting up software to track your sales pipeline
  • Spending a day at the pool with your family and no phones
  • Booking that trip to Disney you’ve been putting off
  • Going for a run
  • Eating a salad instead of fried chicken

Typically, there are only three “critical tasks” that need to be done each day to win. That is enough tasks to really move you forward but not so many you feel overwhelmed.

In addition, choosing just three makes you prioritize and focus on what’s MOST important to long-term success.

Around here and with our clients, we use a Daily Success Checklist to track our critical success tasks.

You can download a free copy of the Daily Success Checklist kit to get started.

It feels great to know that you’ve accomplished the important tasks to create the life of your dreams. You’ll sleep much better knowing with certainty that you won the day.

So, what will you do today to WIN THE DAY?


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