July 1

Which One Are YOU?

In my experience, business owners can be separated into two basic groups – light bulbs and laser beams. The traits of each technology closely mirror the traits of business owners.

Light Bulbs

  • Work by emitting dispersed waves of light in all directions.
  • Are valuable. They brighten up the environment wherever they are. They are inexpensive to purchase and easy to use.
  • Are found everywhere. Because they are cheap and plentiful, they are considered disposable.
  • Are really wasteful. The average light bulb wastes up to 90% of the energy it consumes. Rather than turning the energy into light, it just produces heat.
  • Most in use today are using the same basic technology that was developed in 1879.


  • Work by focusing all of the waves of light in one direction.
  • Are some of the most powerful and versatile tools created. They can be used to cut through any obstacle or delicately perform eye surgery.
  • Are rare. They have to be carefully and thoughtfully crafted.
  • Lasers are very efficient. Because the light waves are focused in a single direction and are in phase (all moving in the same pattern), the heat generated stays in the beam.
  • Lasers are continually being adapted to new uses. From the radar gun that catches you speeding to the micro-optics in the factory that produces your TV set, lasers are adapted to different uses every day.

Business owners are like light bulbs or lasers.

Some owners are happy to shine their light and go home. They are happy to be one of the crowd. They are content being good enough to get by and keep a roof over their head and the doors open.

Other business owners want to be something more powerful. They are compelled to be a force in the world. They let no obstacle get in their way and they continually adapt to be more useful and effective.

In my experience, only about 20% of business owners are lasers. The rest are everyday light bulbs.

There’s nothing wrong with being a light bulb. We wouldn’t be a very productive society without them. They are the everyday workers of our business world.

If you want to be a laser beam, however, then commit to getting focused and building a system that will make you unstoppable. If you need help, check out this.

So, are you a light bulb or a laser beam?


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