August 10

The Totally Weird, Completely Unexpected Way To Greater Success (Learned From A Navy SEAL)

If you’re like most business people, you are working hard to be successful.

Each day you get up full of energy and excitement, ready to take on your to-do list.

Your list is likely full of things you know will propel you to hit your goals –making calls to prospects, closing sales and ensuring that your products get out the door in a timely manner.

But those things might actually be hurting your success.

Instead of focusing on what your experience tells you will get the job done, focus on this weird thing instead…

Focus on failing

Okay, I just heard the mental screech inside your head.

Focus on failing if you want to succeed?

You betcha.

You see, when you set yourself up for failure you are stretching yourself beyond where you are today.

And that stretch yields powerful results.

The Navy SEAL who failed

As a former Navy SEAL, John knew what being fit and strong really meant.

He was in top physical and mental condition after 10 years in the service and he wanted to share his abilities with others.

So, he started his fitness training business in 1998.

His clients completed grueling outdoor workouts based on the way SEALs are trained.

And, his business was a very modest success.

John attracted a few hard-core, dedicated members who showed up in all weather conditions to push themselves to the limits.

But then it got worse

John broke his back in a trampoline accident.

The doctors told his family it was unlikely he would live and, if he did, he’d never walk again.

Of course, to John, that was just another challenge to be faced.

Over the next few years, John not only rebuilt his body but he built an incredible business.

You see, when John originally started his company, he was known as being a bit of a hard-ass.

He just wouldn’t accept anyone’s physical limitations.

He himself had always been an athlete so he didn’t understand that his less-fit members weren’t able to complete the physical training he set up.

The big AHA

As John went through his own rehabilitation, he began to understand that, at certain stages of development, the human body has limits.

Yes, you can work through those limits, but it takes time.

John rebuilt his body by continually failing at his goals.

When I first met him, he was just barely able to do a few pushups with the aid of a special glove that stabilized his hand.

But each day his goal was to do a complete workout of 200 pushups over the course of an hour.

The vision

His vision, however, was to teach all three daily workouts and complete a total of 600 pushups in a day.

I vividly remember the day that John led his third workout and completed his 600th pushup in 12 hours.

It was so powerful to watch him finally achieve his vision for himself.

John learned that each failure was actually a success in itself.

By pushing himself towards 600 pushups, he succeeded in doing more pushups than the day before.

He failed his way to success

John rebuilt his company because of this failure.

His newfound ability to empathize with clients made him a better leader.

His physical failure forced him to hire other instructors and gain new perspectives from their insights.

John’s business is now booming.

He gets 90% of his new clients from referrals.

He travels the country training college teams in the power of teamwork and mental discipline.

And, by the way, the guy they said would never walk again?

He is competing in Rugged Maniac competitions and just completed his first half marathon.

So, my question to you is this: Do you have a vision for your business?

Do you work towards it each day?

If you need help creating your vision and a plan for accomplishing it, then get your own copy of The Simple Strategic Plan System.

You will create a one-page plan for achieving your highest vision in record time.

You will also get the focus and mental discipline needed to push through the failures until you reach success.

What are you waiting for? Get started failing your way to success now.


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