September 13

The Magician’s Plan That Can Transform Your Business

Magic. The word alone conjures emotions of excitement, expectation, awe, and wonder.

What if your clients felt those things when they thought about you? What if you experienced those emotions each day as you began to work? What if everyone around you experienced the same feelings when they engaged with you?

Merriam Webster defines magic as “a power that allows people to do impossible things.”

Imagine a company in which magic exists.

How would go about creating such a magical company?

The art of magic is really quite simple. A magician imagines the desired outcome for his audience and then develops a series of actions to produce that outcome. 

For example, his desired outcome might be “get the audience to gasp with delight and awe!”

From there, he gets more specific and decides to make a horse disappear right in front of the spectators.

Then, he simply applies the rules of his craft, in this case, illusion, distraction, psychology, and perception to create his act.

Next, he lays out his performance step-by-step, including every move of every assistant, every gesture made and word spoken. Then he practices his routine until it is perfected.

And, voila! The audience is amazed as an enormous white horse disappears before their very eyes.

The art of creating magic in a company follows exactly the same rules.

  1. 1. Create your vision of your desired outcome
  2. 2. Be specific about the way in which you want your outcome to manifest
  3. 3. Layout a step-by-step plan for achieving your vision
  4. 4. Engage your team in the plan
  5. 5. Practice your craft each day to perfect your delivery

Are you ready to create magic in your business?

Did you know you can do it on just one sheet of paper in under an hour?

If you are ready, take a look at this to find out how.


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