August 24

The CRAP Gap – The Path To Lasting Change



Just the very sound of the word strikes fear into the hearts of many.

It also brings up feelings of dread, worry, and frustration.

But what if there were a way to understand the process of change in a way that helped you get through faster and easier than before?

What if you could skip across four simple stones to cross from where you are to where you want to be?

What if just four little steps could eliminate the pain of change and deliver you to a new, more profitable, and more successful place?

Here’s how to do it…

The challenge with change is that humans are hard-wired to resist it.

Deep in our brains, the oldest part of our gray matter is programmed to love the status quo.

It loves things to stay the same.

“The same” is safe and that ancient part of your brain loves, loves, loves safety. In fact, that is all it loves.

It is only our newer brain part, the cerebral cortex that drives us to break out of routine and strive to become better.

Unfortunately for most people, they don’t know how to teach the new part of the brain to overpower the old part. And so, they remain forever at a plateau, never realizing their true potential to change the world.

Thankfully, there is a process for getting from your old, staid plateau to your new mountain top of profit and power.

You have to cross the CRAP gap

It looks like this:



When you first start out on your journey and you are trying something new, you run into Chaos. Everything you knew how to do easily and on autopilot no longer serves you.

You have to think hard about everything and it slows you down. Way down.

Everything seems to be working against you but you persevere a little until you hit the place most people begin to fail…


This is where you start slipping back into old habits. You haven’t given up but you are starting to lose your will.

You also begin to rationalize why it’s okay to not try so hard, to ease up a little.

This is the beginning of the end.

The next point in your crossing is…


This is the point at which most people give up entirely.

They get tired, they invent excuses why this journey was a bad idea and they tuck their tails between their legs and retreat.

If you can just put your head down and push through abandonment, you find yourself in…


This is the stage where you resign yourself to the fact that change is indeed difficult.

You accept the new way of doing things and double down on your efforts to succeed.

Persistence leads to the magical results you started out in search of.

You start to experience success and the improved results fuel your desire even more.

Now you have a head of steam and nothing can stop you!

The secret to success is knowing where you are in the CRAP gap and staying focused on getting to the next stage.

Step by step you will get better results and you will love the way you feel when you do.


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  1. Wow, this was powerful, Laura! And apropos after our coaching call yesterday where you helped me break thru some overwhelm blocks with my TO DO list!
    I am printing this out and putting it on my wall to remind me to PUSH THRU to be able to get past the muck and turn-back, and to get to the reward and ease.
    I'll borrow it to share with my clients as well (but not as my own genius).

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