August 29

Dilbert’s Target


"If you have a reasonable system for pursuing success, it can survive a lot of face-plants along the way. That knowledge makes success seem accessible. If you think successful people have some sort of superpower or special connections, why try?”

Scott Adams

It's no secret I'm a fan of some of Scott Adams' work. Yes, he is the guys who writes and draws Dilbert.

One of his ideas is how to prioritize your life and your time. Here is an excerpt from his book, "How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big"

"It's useful to think of your priorities in terms of concentric circles, like an archery target.

In the center is your highest priority: you. If you ruin yourself, you won't be able to work on any other priorities. So taking care of your health is job one.

The next ring - and your second-biggest priority - is economics. That includes your job, your investments, and even your house. You might wince at the fact that I put economics ahead of your family, your friends, and the rest of the world, but there's a reason. If you don't get your personal financial engine working right, you place a burden on everyone from your family to the country.

Once you are both healthy and financially sound, it's time for the third ring: family, friends, and lovers. Good health and sufficient money are necessary for a base level of happiness, but you need to be right with your family, friends, and romantic partners to truly enjoy life.

The next rings are your local community, your country, and the world, in that order.

Don't bother trying to fix the world until you get the inner circles of your priorities under control."

Make sure to get your priorities in line so you can win the day!


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