October 12

Change Your Tactics, Not Your Goals This Year

Let’s be honest. 2022 not turning out the way any of us thought it would in January.

Many of us started the year with grand hopes and dreams of this being the year we finally break through and make massive progress on our biggest goals.

Yet COVID-19 is still here…

But, even though you are facing challenges we never expected, you can still hit those big goals you set in January. 

You just have to change your tactics (not your goals).

There are two kinds of tactics you can change – activities and projects.

Goals get accomplished in two ways. 

The first way to accomplish your goals is through the daily and weekly activities that drive consistent progress in your business.

Activities are things such as:

  • Connecting with people on Linkedin (meaningfully)
  • Sending emails to prospects
  • Calling new prospects
  • Building relationships with joint venture and referral partners
  • Posting new, useful content on your social media channels
  • Adding new members to your Facebook groups
  • Adding new content to your membership programs

You get the idea. Most activities are focused on lead generation and relationship building. They need to be done very regularly to build your business.

The second way that goals get accomplished is through projects. Projects are the changes you make in your business to grow beyond where you are now.

Projects are the new things that have to be developed and implemented this year.

Some project examples include:

  • Launching an online course to replace your in-person work
  • Creating a webinar to sell your programs
  • Building a new piece of software
  • Creating a new product to sell to your existing clients
  • Setting up a new Facebook group for clients to share ideas
  • Setting up a series of calls to help clients implement your programs
  • Revising your website to be more sales focused
  • Writing a book
  • Creating a lead magnet to generate leads

When your activities are completed weekly and your projects get done each quarter, your goals get accomplished.

In this time of great change, your job is to adjust your activities and projects to achieve the goals you set in January.

That means getting creative and getting serious about change.

We’ve been working with our The Winners Circle clients over the past few weeks to adjust their tactics and it is paying off big time. 

Here are a few examples to inspire you

  • Virginia, who lives in the UK, had a business that was focused 100% on in-person consulting in Italy. In March, her income went to zero as Italy went under lockdown. With two young kids to feed, she needed to stay focused on her goals. In just one week, she focused on a project of building an online mastermind group to deliver her services virtually and a webinar to market it.  She set activities around contacting existing clients and inviting them to the webinar. Just three weeks after her income shut down, she had 10 new members in her mastermind group and she is back on track for her goals.
  • Stephanie lives in the US and has a consulting business focused on employee training delivered via HR managers. When all of her clients started working from home, Stephanie saw the need for her existing consulting services dry up. Within one week, she created a project to write a new program, to be delivered virtually, on how to successfully work from home and another program on how to run effective online meetings. She set activities around calling her past clients and offering her new programs. Her clients loved both ideas and have been booking her to deliver them to her clients. She is on track for her 2020 goals.
  • Carol owns a very successful office supply company in the US. When the virus shut down her clients’ offices, they stopped buying and Carol’s revenue took a major hit. Carol created a project to find out how to source PPE for health care facilities and then activities around reaching out to the procurement offices of the health care groups in her area. She is now supplying PPE in large quantities to health workers all over her state. With just one new order for thermometers, she will exceed her 2020 goal in May.

My question for you is this – what tactics (activities and projects) are you going to change THIS WEEK to make sure you hit your 2020 goals. 

If you’d like to use our Simple Strategic Plan online course to develop your goals, tactics, and more, you can get your copy here. The entire course will take you just about three hours to complete so you can be productive and make progress TODAY.

Let me know how else I can help you in the comments.


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