April 1

Are You Wearing Your Business Goggles?

2014 was a very important year for me. It was the year I learned to swim properly at the ripe old age of 46.

You see, I grew up not around clear water swimming pools, but rather murky lakes, ponds, and rivers.

As a kid, I learned how to tread water and how to get from one side of the lake to the other, but always with my head up, looking for boats that might be ready to run me over.

So, technically I could “swim”.

But I always wanted to be able to swim laps like a real swimmer – head in the water, rhythmically breathing and powering down the length of the pool.

Try as I might, though, I could never master the art of breathing. I understood the basic concepts but I just couldn’t get the timing down.

For years, I missed out on enjoying the benefits that swimming can provide.

Until I got the missing piece – goggles.

You might be thinking – what does something you put on your eyes have to do with breathing?

For me, it was everything.

When I put on the swim goggles, I was able to see clearly in the water when I put my face in it.

Instead of struggling to see in the water, my eyes burning from the chlorine, I could easily follow the big black line painted on the bottom of the pool.

Now that I was no longer distracted by the irritation of seeing, I could concentrate my attention fully on learning to breathe properly.

In less than an hour after I got my first goggles, I was swimming the entire length of the pool, breathing easily every third stroke.

Learning to swim opened up a whole new world of fitness for me.

When my ankle started causing me pain, swimming was the one exercise I could count on to burn extra calories.

I now swim an hour 3 times a week and have lost over 15 pounds.

As I recover from my ankle surgery, swimming will be the best exercise I can do as soon as I’m cleared to resume working out.

Why am I telling you this story about swimming and what on earth does it have to do with your business?

In every business, there is some irritation that is keeping you from growing to your full potential.

There is a part of your activity that is diverting you from the most important work you can be doing.

And, there is a tool that can be your “business goggles”

That is, there is a tool that can remove the source of your distraction and free you up to do what is most valuable to you.

For most companies, that tool is a Daily Success Plan.

Stop wasting time splashing around in the pool but getting nowhere. Get your business goggles and get results.


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