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The Only Two Things You Should Be Working On Today

Take a look at your to do list.

Is it overflowing? Are there more than ten items on it?

If you’re like most business owners you have an endless list of things you could do today.

Successful owners know how to focus on the things they must do in order to create more profitability.

They know to only focus on two things each day: money-makers and deal-breakers.

Everything is a “nice to do” not a “need to do”.

How do you decide what is most important?

Money-makers are immediate tasks you can do that will, with absolute certainty, move you closer to putting cash in your pocket.

Here are some examples of money-makers:

Calling prospects and setting sales appointments

  • Calling existing customers to set sales appointments
  • Adding a new product/service to your existing line card
  • Hiring/training a salesperson
  • Advertising or sending out to your list valuable new content to your website/blog (emphasis on valuable) with a call to action
  • Improving a process in your product delivery to provide more customer value or reduce time/expense
  • Educating yourself on better ways to sell and market your products and services
  • Meeting with a strategic partner and sharing contacts

These are NOT money-makers:

  • Attending a general networking event with no plan
  • Reading random articles you find online
  • Thinking about calling someone and not picking up the phone
  • Chaotically responding to the “fires” that are popping up all day (yes, you have to fix them but then get ahead of them and fix the underlying problems)
  • Writing for your website/blog post and hoping people find it
  • Poking around on LinkedIn with no plan for action
  • Adding fun toys to your website that don’t lead directly to sales or customer experience enhancement
  • Going through your call script one more time before you pick up the phone
  • Taking appointments with every marketing person who wants to talk to you (if you don’t have a marketing plan, you don’t need to spend money on marketing)

On the flip-side of money-makers, you have deal-breakers. These are tasks that, left undone, will wreck your cash flow and profitability.

Some examples of deal-breakers are:

  • Broken product or service delivery processes (clients can’t get what they paid for quickly and easily)
  • An empty prospecting calendar/sales pipeline
  • Anything that will generate a negative comment from a customer
  • Missing steps in your sales process
  • Relieving overworked employees (including you)
  • Unfinished accounting for tax payments
  • Unprepared sales presentations and appointment preparation

These are NOT deal-breakers (yes, you could do them but they are NOT priorities)

  • A broken link on your website
  • Social media posting
  • Organizing your files
  • 95% of your email
  • Education without a purpose (not solving a specific problem or addressing a specific opportunity)

If you want to earn more money, have more free time and really live the dream of entrepreneurship you have to learn to prioritize every action.

It’s not hard – you can use a daily checklist to limit your activities and increase your focus.

Bottom line – if what you are working on right now isn’t a money-maker or a deal-breaker, stop doing it.

If you need more help developing successful habits you can join our 7-Day Success Sprint free.

Whatever path you choose make sure it is leading you directly to a better business. Because, if you don’t choose the path to success, you might as well go get a job and let someone else dictate your life’s path for you.


Laura Posey

Laura Posey is Chief Instigator at Simple Success Plans. Her driving mission is to show entrepreneurs how to double their business while taking more time out of the company to make a difference in the world. She is an avid traveler and is always looking to connect with readers around the world.

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