Is It Time To Get Gas?

I was too tired to do anything, and home was only 5 minutes away.

A full day of work following a big birthday weekend of overeating and staying up too late sapped my energy before I even got in the car for evening errands.

Now after the grocery store, clothes shopping for an upcoming themed event, and Target to pick up a gift for an upcoming party, I was ready to head home.

But going home involved going past the gas station, and I was at less than a quarter of a tank.

I live pretty close to the gas station, so I could always get gas later.

But if I do it now, it takes me 5 minutes Later I’ll have to drive here before I go wherever else I am going and it will take 15 minutes.

So tired…

What issues are you not dealing with in your business and life now that will take longer to resolve later on?

5 minutes vs 15 minutes isn’t a big deal.

But that 10 minute savings I earned at the gas pump last night (yes, I pushed my fatigue aside and got gas on the way home) isn’t the only benefit I got from dealing with the gas tank now. I also got the freedom from having to think about it for the rest of the week.

When I head east to a meeting tomorrow morning, I don’t have to think about heading west first to get gas.

My mind is a bit more free to think about the things that will really make a difference in my life- how I’m going to engage with the prospect in tomorrow’s meeting, where I’m going to do my hour-long bike ride in the morning and when I’m going to call my Dad this week.

There is something on your list right now that wouldn’t really take that long to finish. But you are delaying on it for all the reasons you’ve rehearsed so well.

Write down three things you can knock out in the last half hour of the day so you don’t have them hanging over your head tomorrow.

You’ll be glad you did!

(NOTE: Big thanks to Brian Keith of Red Beard Consulting for the inspiration for this post)

Laura Posey

Laura Posey is Chief Instigator at Simple Success Plans. Her driving mission is to show entrepreneurs how to double their business while taking more time out of the company to make a difference in the world. She is an avid traveler and is always looking to connect with readers around the world.

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