The Simple Success Plan Online System

An online video course to help you get focused and take action on the right things to

grow your business faster and easier

" We grew 65% our first year of using this plan. In just three years, we've grown 400%"

Garret Cleversly, MacSolutions Plus

Focus on actions that grow profits faster and easier.

Eliminate wasted time and money on wrong turns and guesswork. 

Gain back at least 7 hours a week and enjoy your life again.

7 Easy Lessons... ALL The Powerful Secrets...

so you can take the guesswork out of growing your business

Here's What You Get

Powerful, No-Fluff Video Library

  • These dynamic videos walk you step-by-step through creating your own perfectly customized Simple Success Plan... on one sheet of paper
  • Each video is under 15 minutes so you can fit it into your busy schedule.
  • You can watch on any device, any time so everything is at your fingertips.

Fill-In-The-Blank Worksheets

  • Just answer the questions and BOOM - you know exactly how to drive the right decisions, every day.
  • Loads of examples and samples so you never stare at a blank page and wonder what to do.
  • Fast and easy to complete... designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind.​

The One-Page Success Plan

  • Just fill in the online form and we deliver your personalized Success Plan to your inbox.
  • No need to worry about making it look good - we do it for you!
  • Everything you need... delivered on one sheet of paper.

The Get-It Done Guarantee

  • Our exclusive follow-through system ensures you get your plan DONE and start using it.
  • I will hold your hand and kick your butt so you will USE your plan, not just own it. 
  • No matter how busy you are now... I guarantee you will get your plan done.

Ask Me Anything Calls

  • Need help, support or advice? I've got you covered.
  • You get exclusive access to my calendar to book a help call with me anytime you need it.
  • I mean it when I say you will get your plan done and implemented.

Laura Posey Chief Instigator

7 powerful lessons

Designed for entrepreneurs

Includes online community

What Makes Simple Success Plans So Different?

When it comes to creating a plan to double profit, entrepreneurs don't have the time or patience to wade through hours of materials and data.

Simple Success Plans cuts through the fluff to create a one-page plan that

gets done and gets implemented.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"The first year I used my plan, I grew 48% and I took four weeks of vacation."

What Is My Investment?

How much is "winging it" costing you? How much time are you wasting doing tasks that don't drive the business forward? How much money are you throwing away on ideas that don't turn into profit? How many hours with your family are you missing because you are working or thinking about working? A lack of planning could already be costing you a great deal.


18 focused, tactical videos

11 downloadable worksheets

Complete set of templates, samples and examples

Exclusive access to private members-only forums

Live Workshop


Private Workshop


Two Ways To Buy The Online Course

One-Time Payment


Payment Plan


Have questions? Call us at 804-592-1732

What You Save

The live Simple Success Plans Workshop costs $5,000 plus travel and expenses and Private Workshop clients pay $12,000.

Our Online Course is available at a terrific introductory price.

Save big while adding to your bottom line as you implement!

Payment Plan

We offer a payment plan of 3 payments of $147. First payment is immediately drafted, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months. Click the button below to buy and start the course in minutes!

Limited Time Bonus Available Now

Buy the Online Course now and get access to the Quarterly, Weekly And Daily Planning Lessons.

These lessons include powerful resources to help you stay focused... no matter how bad your "bright shiny object syndrome" is. These videos and templates are considered nearly as valuable as the course itself to our thousands of alumni. It's all yours as an added bonus for buying the Online Course.


My decisions are based off that plan. My decisions are now easy, clear and it if matches our vision and goals, we do it. If not, we pass.

Our whole life put into one simple sheet of paper. Our vision, our goals, our beliefs, our trackable items... We focused, we gained confidence.We became a laser that will stop at nothing short of our goals.

As a result, we grew 65% in our first year of using the plan. And we grew 400% in just three years.

Without a plan we had 10 years of struggle and debt. Now business is easy and fun with our Simple Strategic Plan in place!

Garret Cleversley Owner/MacSolutions Plus

I thought I was doing ok on my own for the first 20 years I was in business. It was stressful but I loved it. Then I did my Simple Success Plan. What a difference!

I grew my income 48% in the first year of getting focused. What I liked best, though, was being able to take 4 weeks of guilt-free vacation. And I had time and energy to chair the annual state Rotary convention.

What a relief to know my business was running like a well-oiled machine even when I was doing other things.

Thank you!

Jeanne Walls Owner/JWalls INK!

I never knew running my company could be so enjoyable.

Using these tools, we grew 192% in one year. And, I learned how to take on only clients that I knew would be fun for me to work with. No more dealing with clients I didn't like.

Now that I'm focused on the right things and the right people, business is so much easier!

Pam Chanfrau Owner/ACP Resources

My life has changed with my business by using The Simple Success Plan.

There are a few programs out there that accomplish goal setting and implementation, but this is seriously so easy-to-use and really doable!

I had no anxiety or stress doing the strategic planning and got real clear on what I'm trying to do with myself and my business.

I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted but I could easily sit down in a day and map it all out using this system.

Thank you for developing this program and coming into my life!

Lynette French-Dumas Owner/The Wholistic Approach

After playing with the Simple Success Plan for awhile, I finally put it to a full quarter test. I wanted to show you how it has worked! I almost doubled my goal of increased weekly commissions.

This is so simple (and telling) as one page shows me everything.. including what I'm not doing.

The Simple Success Plan is making a difference in my sales! THANK YOU!!!

John Boland Owner/Boland Insurance Agency

Several months ago, I purchased your program. I have since completed my Simple Success Plan and begun to execute it.

The process of capturing my vision, values and targets on one page makes it so much easier to stay focused on what is important on a daily basis.

The Simple Success Plan has provided me with a method of significantly reducing the stress in my life while increasing my productivity.

Sandra Graham Owner/Progressive Leadership

I want to say "Thank You" and also include a brief note concerning your Simple Success Plan system.

Prior to using the Simple Success Plan, my planning process was overcomplicated and marginally useful. We spent a lot of time preparing a plan and then only looked at it occasionally.

Since developing our Simple Success Plan, our process is streamlined and the plan is a tool that gets used daily.

Thanks again!

Greg Jacobs Owner/CSI Omaha

I'm not a natural planner and mostly operate "fast and loose".

The course opened my eyes to what simple planning is all about and I'm employing its techniques daily.

I am gaining more trust and respect from my team since I started using the principles I learned in this course. I believe you will benefit greatly from the ideas you cover in this excellent program.

Vince Gremillion Owner/Restech

Awesome! Believe it or not, I have already seen growth and improvement since purchasing the program. I am excited to tuck in further. I have been trying to motivate to do this myself for months.

This is making things SOOOOOO much easier. Hell, even enjoyable!

Marc Taubman Owner/Linkstorm

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