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How The Spiciness of Pepper Can Transform Your Life

On a warm spring day in the year 1665, a young curtain maker in the town of Delft was puzzling over a problem.

He was trying to figure out what made pepper taste spicy.

His assumption was that the pepper pieces had tiny hooks on them that pricked the tongue of the eater, causing the sensation of spiciness.

Wanting to see the hooks for himself, he soaked the peppercorns in water for several weeks to enlarge them.

Still unable to see the hooks, he got out his microscope, the one he had developed to see the quality of thread he was buying for his drapery business.

What he saw changed the course of his life forever

And the lesson he learned could change your life, too.

What Antonie van Leeuwenhoek saw under his microscope astonished him.

For, in that water, he saw not hooks on the edges of the pepper but rather at least four different kinds of living beings swimming around.

He was seeing, for the first time in human history, microorganisms.

The spiciness of pepper was quickly forgotten and the young draper instantly became the world’s first microbiologist.

He went on to become a world-renowned scientist and inventor, credited with the creation of over 500 lenses and 25 microscopes.

So why is this long-dead scientist of use to you… other than the obvious fact that his discoveries and inventions have aided science for almost 400 years?

Because what van Leeuwenhoek experienced that day was a turning point in his life; a moment in time when he made a decision to act on his biggest dreams.

You see, our young draper wasn’t terribly interested in fabric.

He was interested in optical lenses.

He has been experimenting with them for years before his momentous discovery.

Every successful person has a turning point. He has a time when he decides to commit fully to a vision for his life. 

Steve Jobs’ turning point came when he met Steve Wozniak in an electronics course and decided to focus on building computers.

Warren Buffett’s turning point came when he read the textbook, Security Analysis, by his professor Benjamin Graham. It has permeated his investing ever since.

My own turning point came on December 29th, 2006 when, in the middle of the Sedona desert, I decided to create my own vision for my life and write a plan to achieve it.

So, my question to you is…when will you have your turning point?

When will you commit fully to live your vision?

When is the day that you invest in yourself and give it all you’ve got to accomplish your biggest dreams?

Start today

Make today the one you look back on as the one that changed your life for the better.

If you need help getting started, check out The Simple Strategic Plan.

I created this DIY online course to help others develop their own vision and a plan to achieve it.

Laura Posey

Laura Posey is Chief Instigator at Simple Success Plans. Her driving mission is to show entrepreneurs how to double their business while taking more time out of the company to make a difference in the world. She is an avid traveler and is always looking to connect with readers around the world.

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