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The Magician’s Plan That Can Transform Your Business

Magic. The word alone conjures emotions of excitement, expectation, awe, and wonder. What if your clients felt those things when they thought about you? What if you experienced those emotions each day as you began to work? What if everyone around you experienced the same feelings when they engaged with you? Merriam Webster defines magic […]

The Totally Weird, Completely Unexpected Way To Greater Success (Learned From A Navy SEAL)

If you’re like most business people, you are working hard to be successful. Each day you get up full of energy and excitement, ready to take on your to-do list. Your list is likely full of things you know will propel you to hit your goals –making calls to prospects, closing sales and ensuring that […]

Which One Are YOU?

In my experience, business owners can be separated into two basic groups – light bulbs and laser beams. The traits of each technology closely mirror the traits of business owners. Light Bulbs Work by emitting dispersed waves of light in all directions. Are valuable. They brighten up the environment wherever they are. They are inexpensive […]

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