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“Clarity is power. - The more clear you are about EXACTLY what it is you want, the more your brain[...]
Joy vs Happiness
“Most of us wait our entire lives for the appearance of a mythical kind of happiness, all the while missing[...]
Fear of Failure
“Failure is not the opposite of success—it’s a part of it.” William Ritter There is no need to fear failure.[...]
What To Do When You Fall Off The Productivity Wagon
It happens to all of us (even those jerks who won’t admit it). You set a goal to earn an[...]
The Pro Golfer Way To Grow Your Business
If you've ever played a round of golf (or just gone to the driving range) you have a deep appreciation[...]
7 Questions To Maximize 80/20 Today
Today I want to introduce you to a really innovative thinker, Tim Francis. Tim is known for his work driving[...]
Win The Day, Win Your Life
At Simple Success Plans we have a mantra… Win The Day. When you win the days, you win the weeks.[...]
How To Really Get Your Sh-T Done
It’s one of the most common problems facing entrepreneurs… How do you get all the crap on your to do[...]
The Two Spirals
Have you ever noticed how one little change to your life can result in BIG wins or massive losses? It’s[...]
The 16x Entrepreneur
In 1938, My granddad left his family's poor farm in northern Virginia at the ripe old age of 15 so[...]
Your Entrepreneur’s Brain Is Different
You’ve always known it… you’re different. You think differently and you respond to things differently than most of your friends[...]
Why Superman Never Swims
  Have you noticed that you never see Superman fighting crime in the water? Okay, there isn’t as much crime[...]
Six Business Lessons From An 11-year Old Boy
UPDATE: I originally wrote this post last year when we were scheduled for a monster (for Virginia) snow storm. This[...]
The Single Sheet Of Paper That Can Build Your Dream Business
The Single Sheet Of Paper That Can Build Your Dream Business Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich, famously[...]
Why I Punched A Lizard In The Face This Morning
It all started with ankle surgery. For the past two years, I haven’t been able to run because of pain[...]
How to Network at Trade Shows, Even if You Hate Conferences
  By Guest Blogger, Ryan Williams Does the idea of attending an industry trade show make you cringe? Yes, me[...]
How to Launch Self-Funded Marketing
Recently I attended a mastermind with ten other successful entrepreneurs as we shared best practices and insights from our businesses.[...]
Is It Time To Get Gas?
I was too tired to do anything, and home was only 5 minutes away. A full day of work following[...]
How An 18th Century Painter Can Grow Your Sales
In 1725, a young Italian painter named Giovanni Antonio Canal, or as he is better known, Canaletto, learned an extremely[...]
Are You A Black-Eyed Susan?
Two weeks ago, on Wednesday afternoon, I stopped by the local nursery to pick up some Black-Eyed Susans. They are[...]

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