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What If I Looked In Your Closet?
I recently sent out a survey to my colleagues, asking them to evaluate my personal brand. I wanted to know[...]
How Can A 520-Year Old Rule Double Your Income Faster?
One of the most common goals I hear at this time of year is, “I want to double my income”.[...]
The $10,000/hr Appointment
Can one hour really generate $10,000 for you (or more)? Yes it can if you do the right things during[...]
Partial failure leads to…
At the dentist last week, I got some great advice for my business and the way I set goals. I[...]
Which One Are YOU?
In my experience, business owners can be separated into two basic groups – light bulbs and laser beams. The traits[...]
5 Lessons From A Facebook Ad For A Toothbrush
I’m a Facebooker. Say what you will about the time it wastes, I still love it. I love seeing what[...]
Outside Interference (the good kind)
This past week I had the great fortune to spend time with 40 of the top women sales trainers, consultant,[...]
You Should Probably Do More Boring Work
If you’ve known me for any time at all, you know that I love renovating old houses. I love the[...]
What If The Wicked Witch Wore A Leather Jacket?
A few weeks ago I attended an exhibition at The Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts. On display were costumes from[...]
One Simple Question
Sometimes you go to conferences and think, "Eh, that was ok. I got a few good ideas that I can[...]
Ketchup Day
I was chatting with a friend the other day about productivity, while my friend’s 11-year old played in the background.[...]
The same guy doesn’t win the Superbowl and World Series
Have you ever noticed that there is not one single athlete in the history of sports who has been part[...]
The Power of “Or”
As a child, I loved the School House Rock shows on Saturday morning TV. “I’m Just a Bill”, “Lolly, Lolly,[...]
Why Superman Never Swims
Have you noticed that you never see Superman fighting crime in the water? Okay, there isn’t as much crime in[...]
3 Quick Tips For Accomplishing Your Resolutions This Year
It’s that time of year when many people are falling off the New Year's resolutions wagon. Some folks say setting resolutions[...]
Six Business Lessons From An 11-year Old Boy
UPDATE: I originally wrote this post last year when we were scheduled for a monster (for Virginia) snow storm. This[...]
How Can A 520-Year Old Math Trick Increase Your Income This Year?
If you have done any investing in the past, you might have heard of the Rule of 72. The rule[...]
Why Tom Is Going Out Of Business
It happens the same way every time we talk. My friend, Tom, calls me up every so often to ask[...]
The Blind Spot In Your Business
When Ron walked into my office, I could tell he was nervous. When we set the appointment to create his[...]
What Driving In A Foreign Country Can Teach You About Business
Thursday morning I hopped into a friend’s car at 5:30am Central European Time for the one-hour drive from Bocholt to[...]

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