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The Curse of Competence

I met an amazing woman a few months ago. Her name is Susan and she is not only smart and ambitious, but well-educated, insightful and good at an enormous number of things. In any given day she can defend herself successfully in court during an unemployment dispute, drive and operate a bucket truck, route the […]

Getting Unstuck

I’ve just spent the last week in Atlanta at the National Speakers Association Winter UNConference. Much of the time at an event like this is spent, not just in the learning sessions but in the hallways, talking to peers. The first question one asks in these situations is “What are you an expert on?” which […]

Do You Have Both Of These Success Traits?

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into the differences between people who make success look easy and those who work like dogs just to keep up. Here are two of the things I’ve uncovered. The first thing I discovered is that successful sellers (owners and salespeople) look at themselves first when their income isn’t as […]