5 Lessons From A Facebook Ad For A Toothbrush

I’m a Facebooker. Say what you will about the time it wastes, I still love it.

I love seeing what my friends are up to and staying in touch with people near and far.

I also love the advertisements. Seriously, I save them all the time. There are some great lessons in there.

The latest one that caught my eye was for Quip. It’s a sleek little electric toothbrush with a twist – they send you replacement heads for it every three months so you always have a fresh, effective teeth-cleaning tool.

Quip advertises on Facebook A LOT. I can’t think of another ad I see as much as theirs.

So, yesterday I decided to read some of the ad comments. You can learn a lot about a company by the way it deals with comments.

Here are 5 lessons I learned:

  1. If you want to build a loyal fan base, you have to change clients’ behavior, not just sell them a product.

Reading through the comments, there were tons of people questioning whether a toothbrush is really worth $55 plus $5/every three months for the new heads.

Quip devotes time to responding to each question and explaining that their focus is on getting people to brush 2x/day for 2 minutes each time with good form. They want to change your behavior around brushing your teeth.

They do that by supplying a sleek, stylish toothbrush you love to use, that times your brushing and that is always fresh and effective.

It was amazing to see how many people were interested in giving up their old electric toothbrush to try the stylish Quip. And also how many others took time to write about how Quip had indeed changed the way they felt about brushing their teeth.

Imagine have a whole page of testimonials about your product in an advertisement.

Application for you: what behavior can you change with your clients to turn them into raving fans?


  1. Address the elephant in the room.

In Quip’s ad, they directly mention that they are the toothbrush that is all over people’s Facebook feeds. They don’t apologize for advertising aggressively – they call it out.

Addressing their own over-the-top advertising gives them a way to talk about why they do it – their mission of changing behavior and ultimately, oral heath.

By focusing on their mission and not just sales, they engage their readers in a more meaningful conversation. Interestingly, they get a large number of comments from dental hygienists and even dentists who support them.

Application for you: what is your mission and how do you talk about it with prospects?


  1. Never trash the competition.

Quip gets a ton of questions asking them to compare other electric toothbrushes to theirs. Each time they patiently point out that all of their competitors do an excellent job of cleaning teeth. But, if people don’t love using them, it doesn’t matter.

They point out over and over that which toothbrush you use is a matter of personal preference. The key is to use it 2x/day, for 2 minutes and to change the heads every three months.

They then explain how they are different – their goal of producing a toothbrush you want to use. Not once do they put down their competitors in any way. They even go so far as to say a good old $3 manual brush will do the job if you use it properly.


By not bashing their competition, Quip never gets into an argument with prospects. They never push back against prospect, choosing instead to elegantly pull potential customers towards Quips best features and benefits. It’s a brilliant strategy.

Application for you: how do you elegantly handle the question of how you stack up against your competitors?


  1. Take the time to communicate like a person.

One of the things I noticed about Quip’s comment responses is how conversational they are. They make jokes, take time to really explain concepts and engage over and over until the commenter is satisfied.

Even though many of the questions were repeated over and over, the responses from Quip were not copy and paste. Sure, they were the same ultimate answer, but it was clear that real humans were behind the responses.

I’m sure it is expensive and time consuming to respond to thousands of comments on hundreds of ads but the credibility generated is well worth it.

Application for you: how much time are you investing in answering your prospects’ questions?


  1. Haters gonna hate.

Yes, Quip gets its fair number of trolls. Some commenters say some seriously nasty things about the cost of the product.

Quip does a masterful job of handling them. For those that are obviously just mean-spirited attacks with no substance, (for example, “stop filling up my feed with your *&^#% ads”), Quip ignores them.

For others that are speaking to a specific issue, Quip responds with honesty and/or humor. For example, in response to: “no one wants a $55 toothbrush!”, Quip responds: “well, some people do, but it sounds like you’re a manual brush kind of guy. Good choice! Just brush 2x/day for 2 minutes and replace your brush every three months and you’re sure to have a great smile!”

Application for you: how you handle the mean people who respond to your emails/ads?

Whether you do Facebook ads, send emails or pick up the phone and call, getting your message to your market is the just the first part generating leads.

You also need to have a plan to respond, engage and connect with your market after they see your message.

If you need help with your advertising and engagement, give me a shout. I’ll recommend some of the wonderful people we work with so you can get the leads you need to grow your business.

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